Krug 1982 - 75cl bt [un boxed]
Krug 1982 - 75cl bt [un boxed]
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Krug 1982 - 75cl bt [un boxed]

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Quite a solid medium yellow/gold colour. Extraordinary difference here, with a nose that on first impression is like a young, heavily wooded white Burgundy. There is coffee and toast, and yet an apple and lemony freshness. Quite exotic nuances begin to emerge, like green fig and some sesame seed nuttiness. The palate has a lively, crisp mousse and plenty of bright citrussy, orangy and mandarin fruitiness. This has lovely freshness on the palate, with a really racy, almost Mosel like combination between a crisp, racy, mineral acidity and gentle pear and apple fruitiness. Intriguing stuff and delicious.
Tom Cannavan
score: 95 / 100